Your Zip Code Is Not An Accident

Nov 18, 2020

Your zip code is not an accident.  You live there.  You work there.  You play there.  But God placed you there.  He worked in ways that you could never comprehend or calculate to divinely position you right where you are at this very moment and this very season.  Life didn’t just take you there.  He did.  And He brought you precisely where you are, precisely at this time, precisely to the people around you to represent Jesus to them.  There is only one person that every other person in your life has in common, and that person is you.  An ambassador for Christ is always FROM someone and TO someone; you are sent from Jesus and sent to the specific people in your life. You are sent to your family, your friends, your neighbors, your co-workers, your teammates, and every other person you find yourself with to share the message of God’s love with them. Who do you know that needs to hear good news?  Every.  Single.  Person.   Everyone you know loses their focus, loses their hope, loses their joy and loses their way.  It’s a dark world, and you were sent to the people around you to shine His light.   All of us living in the brokenness need to be reached with or reminded of the good news of what Jesus has done and promises to do for us.  Therefore… Take inventory of those in your life.  Take ownership of the reason you’ve been sent.  Take action wherever you go, however you can to love others like Jesus.

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