Your Hope And Happiness In Jesus On Display

Nov 19, 2020

There are one-off instances and ongoing intersections where your life crosses paths with other people, and this is when and where God has sent you on His mission of love.  Your schedule is more than a set of appointments or tasks on a timeline; it is the specific place and period of time that God has ordained for you to carry out your calling.  For most of us, this simply means showing up and showing others what Jesus is like by being a faithful witness for Him while doing the very things we are scheduled to do and doing the very things He wants us to schedule.   We are to let others in, let others see, and let others know why we find our hope and happiness in Jesus while we do our housework or homework, when we work out or cook out, whether we are on the clock or on a vacation.  The reason we do whatever we do and all that we do is the same… If we have an audience, it’s showtime.  If we have a crowd, it’s game time.  If we have an onlooker, it’s prime time.  We just need to take time to point people to Jesus in the everyday moments of life by aiming for the answer to one simple question:  How would He act if He were there instead of us?  Because we are there instead of Him.  That’s why He sent us, to represent Him at the right time and the right place.   When and where are you to speak for and serve like Jesus?  Here and now!  Put on your schedule what God has put on your heart.

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