Anything Else Is Too Small A Thing To Live For

Nov 17, 2020

You and I are on earth for a reason, and that reason is this:  God has called us by His grace to know and make known Jesus.  His perfect life. His atoning sacrifice.  His resurrection power.  His heart for people.  His message of love.  His life-transforming hope.  His offer of eternal life.  His amazing grace.  His matchless value.  His endless joy.  His immeasurable benefits. His imminent return. His incredibly good news.  God has graciously transformed our lives and sent us back out to be agents of His transformation in the lives of other people. We are who we are because of what Jesus has done for us; we do what we do because of who we are in Jesus.  Christian is the adjective that is to describe and define every category and moment of our lives as we represent Jesus 24/7 to those in our lives.  As ambassadors for Christ, we have been summoned into the most important work in the universe to spread the message and ministry of reconciliation as God makes His appeal for the hearts of others through us.  The thoughts, feelings, motives, attitudes, words and actions of our lives need to communicate one thing with absolute clarity and certainty:  life with Jesus is far better than life without Him, and eternal life is found only through Him.  Ultimately, we are after this:  Jesus being honored in us and us being happy in Him.   Anything else is too small a thing to live for.

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