The Weight Of Worry Is Lifted By Jesus

Nov 4, 2020

You can downplay it, but you cannot ignore it.  You can numb it, but you cannot heal it.  You can run from it, but you cannot escape it.   For those who carry it around inside, the weight of worry is a debilitating burden that grows larger, gains traction and grates on your thoughts and feelings. Oftentimes a low-level anxiety.  Sometimes an explosive outburst.  At all times a threat to your peace and joy.  The cure is not to make-believe it isn’t there, white-knuckle your way through it or self-medicate for some temporary relief.  These may pick you up for a moment, but they offer no real hope for real freedom from the worries that are weighing you down.  The balm for a heart and mind that is reeling from the cares of the world is to cast your cares on Jesus.  He is willing to take that weight from you and carry your anxieties for you if you are willing to let Him and let go of them.  This means trusting that He is strong enough, wise enough and loving enough to sustain you through it all no matter what happens.  As your confidence in Him grows, your anxiety shrinks; as your worries transfer to Him, your peace and joy return. Remember this today: you do not have to live with constant low-level anxiety and stress because you have the constant presence of Jesus living in you.

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