God Is Working In Ways You Do Not See

Nov 5, 2020

God is actively working behind-the-scenes for you right now to meet your needs in ways that you don’t see.  You don’t have the answers; God does.  You don’t know the next move; God does.  You can’t see how it will work out; God does.  Everything you really need will really be supplied.  Not maybe.  Not probably.  Definitely.  God will provide for every need.   Not some of them.  Not most of them.  All of them, without exception.  Right when you need it, not a second too late. If you don’t have it now, it’s because you don’t need it now.  God met our greatest need by sending Jesus to live, die and rise for us so we can be forgiven for and freed from our sin; surely, He will also meet our lesser ones! What rest and relief and rejoicing there is when you do the work that God has said is for you to do, and believe that He is doing the work that is not for you to do.

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