Jesus Walks With Us When We Suffer

Nov 3, 2020

The people in your life need to see you suffer well, handling hardships with hope because you have Jesus in your life.  We shouldn’t try to make-believe our problems aren’t there as if Christians are immune to the brokenness around us, nor make-a-big-production of our problems as if Jesus isn’t there to sustain us.  Griping over the trials of life isn’t the solution, but neither is glossing over them.  When bad things happen, it is an opportunity to speak honestly about our struggles while showcasing the good things that are ours because of Jesus in spite of those struggles:  hope, joy, peace, endurance, strength, courage, guidance, security. It’s only whining if we leave worshipping Jesus out of it.  It’s only complaining if we leave celebrating His grace out of it.  It’s only pouting if we leave pointing people to His sufficiency out of it.  Others need to see and hear our joy-filled, hope-filled, peace-filled confidence in this:  He will get us through every test, trial and tribulation until He gets us home. As we walk through seasons of suffering, let us testify to the faithfulness of Jesus in walking with us so others can know, that because grace is available in their own struggles, they never have to walk alone either.

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