You Are Simply Outmatched By The Grace Of God

Nov 1, 2020

You are simply outmatched by the grace of God. Yes, there are days when the odds are stacked against you.  There are moments when your sin gets the best of you.  There are seasons when the challenges and choices of life confuse you.  There are people who most certainly will disappoint and abuse you.  There are shiny objects that will distract you.  But if you are trusting in Jesus, none of these things will defeat you.  God’s grace is sufficient for every situation, every location, every imperfection, and every opposition.

As one of God’s children, it is simply impossible for you to out-sin, out-run, out-last, out-need, or out-hope His grace … because God’s grace for you never runs out.  You will never find yourself in a situation where God has not already plastered, “My grace is sufficient for you.”

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