Comparison Is A Game We Do Not Have To Play

Oct 31, 2020

An ongoing struggle that all of us experience is comparing ourselves and our lives to other people.  It shows up as we measure our appearance, finances, intellect, popularity, achievements, opportunities and so forth to someone else’s.  Regardless of whether we compare favorably or unfavorably, it usually leads to sin. Comparison is a game we cannot win for at least two reasons:  it either makes us discontent with the kind of person we are or the kind of life we live compared to other people, OR it makes us prideful because we feel superior to others or look down on others in some comparison category.  The solution for both of these problems is to be happy with the person God is making us and content with what He has given us with no care to compare at all.  Our ultimate source of satisfaction is found in Jesus, Whom God is making us like and is His greatest gift to us. Comparison is a game we cannot win, but because of Jesus we do not have to play it.

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