With Faith All Things Are Made Possible

Oct 17, 2020

There is often a tension between belief and doubt when things become difficult.  The mountain seems too high.  The path seems too rough.  The situation seems too overwhelming.  The outlook seems too bleak.  The task seems too great.  What we need to remember is this:  if we believe in a small God, our problems will always seem big.  If we believe in a big God, our problems will always seem small.   It would be plausible to lose hope and lose heart when facing things that are too much for us to handle if we were forced to handle them alone.  But Jesus has promised to never leave us alone, always supplying the grace we need for the needs we face.  The more we trust in Him, the more we will rely on Him to take the next steps into the unexpected, uncertain and unpleasant difficulties of this broken world.  He will work it out for good as we work out His purposes for us.  With faith all things are not made easy.  With faith all things are made possible.

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