Making War Instead Of Making Excuses

Oct 16, 2020

Every person alive disobeys God, but the ways in which we respond to our sin is often in stark contrast with each other.  Some people rationalize.  Some people repent.   As Christians, we have a faith in Jesus that is demonstrated by loving obedience, though imperfectly executed. That means we too will disobey God at times, but because of the love we receive from Him and have for Him, we will admit our sin by seeking His pardon for it and His power to be free from it.  People who love Jesus repent by making war against their sin instead of making excuses for it.  Therefore, let us strive for holy living while resting in the grace of God, remembering and rejoicing over this truth:   what Jesus has done for us on the cross is sufficient to both cleanse and correct our transgressions.

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