God Is Worthy To Be Praised

God is worthy to be praised for Who He is, what He has already done for us, and what we are trusting Him to do for us in Christ.  Every good thing that we have in our lives past, present and future is a gift of His grace.  Even the things we think we worked hard to gain for ourselves are made possible by Him, for every ability and opportunity are given to us from Him. Therefore, let us celebrate Him before others and commend Him to others for all that He does for us, and that He delights to do so.  Today… Honor Him for His blessings.  Honor Him by enjoying His blessings as He intends.  Honor Him for being a Blesser.

He Doesn’t Need … Anything

He doesn’t need advice.  He doesn’t need instructions.  He doesn’t need guidance.  God rules and reigns over every location and situation in the universe with absolute certainty.  You will not find Him getting confused, getting caught off guard or getting into a place where He second guesses Himself.  He always knows what to do, how to do it, and when to do it in order to accomplish the goal of His purpose and the good of His people.  This is the One we turn to and trust in!  When we struggle to make sense of our lives, let us remember:  Even if we don’t know what it is, God always knows exactly what He’s doing.

He Didn’t Need … Anything

He didn’t need a blueprint.  He didn’t need inspiration.  He didn’t need assistance.  God created all of the universe without anyone’s ideas, input, ingenuity, innovation or imagination.  He just designed it all and made it all out of nothing.  When you consider the amazing diversity and creativity and majesty displayed in every corner of the created world that we can see, hear, smell, taste and feel, God’s handiwork is just absolutely stunning.  He created angles and dimensions, shapes and textures, colors and flavors, scents and elements, and, well, everything known and unknown to us.  Praise Him for He has done great things!

To Seek His Honor Is To Seek Our Happiness

The ultimate goal of our lives is for God to be honored in us and us to be happy in Him.  There isn’t anything higher to aspire to than the duality of God’s honor and our happiness.  When we thank Him, trust Him, and treasure Him, these two things are achieved.  Thanking Him means our hearts are glad because of something He gets glory for doing.  Trusting Him means we delight to do what God has decided because we believe that He is good.  Treasuring Him means we find enjoyment in His companionship because He is infinitely worth knowing.  To seek His honor is to seek our happiness.

It Is Always Appropriate To Applause God

Who He is deserves it.  What He does deserves it.  Our great God accomplishes great things and is worthy of our heartfelt praise.  Let us stand still, stand back and stand in awe of the One Who is perfect in every act, every decision, every purpose, every trait and every way.  He creates from nothing.  He rules over everything. He can do anything.  And all that He is, says and does is good.  We cannot improve upon a single thing in the universe that bears His handiwork or bears His likeness. Today, let us worship Him with glad and grateful and glory-giving hearts, remembering this: It is always appropriate to applaud God.

Seeing Signs Of God Everywhere You Look

You can look all around and conclude that God is absent or that He is present.  May He give us spiritual eyes that see… Not just the beauty of a sunset, but the God who paints the sky.  Not just the miracle of a baby’s birth, but the God who brings things to life.  Not just the taste of a great meal, but the God who invented flavors.  Not just the satisfaction of achieving a goal, but the God who empowers us to do so.  Not just a lovely wedding, but the God who created marriage. Not just a great day, but the God who offers us eternal life.  Shining through every good and right and true thing we see is an ever-present God.

He Is The Real Gift

It is right to enjoy the good gifts of God in the way that He designed them to be enjoyed because that’s why He gives them to us.   The sights, sounds, smells, tastes and touches of the created world are supposed to be enjoyed because God made them to send and made us to receive … pleasure.  But rather than enjoying them too little (ingratitude) or too much (idolatry), let us enjoy them as they were intended, as a catalyst for treasuring the Gift-Giver far beyond what He might give to us.   The gifts that God sends us are wonderful; but they are nowhere near as wonderful as Him.  He is the real gift!

God Is God All The Time

It’s easy, common and right to feel and say how good God is when the trouble was avoided, the trial has ended or the treasure is received.  Oh, how good He is to us!  But when we don’t get what we want, or when we get what we don’t want, God is still good, and God is still good to us.   His goodness doesn’t disappear when hard things appear; it shines ever so brightly as He works for us to provide all the help we need to endure life’s disappointments, detours and disasters until we get to the other side to something better. Praise Him! For truly… God is good all the time. And all the time God is good.

Shine A Spotlight On Him

The attention of every single consciously awake and aware human being is captured by something at all times.  We are either focused on something that nurtures a deeper love for, stronger dependence on, greater obedience to and better enjoyment of Jesus or something that drains that from us.  Our aim as Christians should be to interrupt the fixation of others on the world and its ways and shine a spotlight on Him, so they can experience the blessings and benefits of knowing Him and the privilege and pleasure of worshipping Him. Today, let us get people to look at us so we can encourage them to look at Him.

Not To Us, But To God Be The Glory

Christians should talk more about what God does than about what we do.  Even when we speak of what we do, it should be as a platform to talk about the enabling power, provision and presence of God in our lives.  We don’t have it all together.  We won’t get it all together.  We can’t keep it all together.  None of us wear capes as if we are super Christians; we wear the righteousness of Jesus.  None of us have magical powers that enable us to do things; we have the power of the Holy Spirit.  None of us belong on the throne of worship; we belong to a Heavenly Father Who does.  Not to us, but to God be the glory!

How Majestic Is Your Name

God made everything in the universe, known and unknown to us.  He imagined it.  He created it.  He rules it. He shares it. And there is not a millimeter of it that does not declare His glory and majesty!  Let it be shouted from every distant star to every nearby tree, from every creature to you and me.  His hands that shaped the cosmos also shapes our hearts, for He not only cares for the world but also for us.  He made us. He knows us.  He blesses us.  He loves us.  From the inner parts of us to the outer reaches of the universe, it is all covered in the fingerprints of God.  Indeed, O Lord, how majestic is Your Name!

God Is Greater

God is greater.  A chef prepares delicious and nutritious foods, but God made flavors and taste buds and ingredients and nutrients.  An engineer builds strong and magnificent structures, but God created angles and dimensions and textures and materials.  An artist paints beautiful canvases, but God invented shapes and colors and strokes and imaginations. We do whatever we do only because God does what He does. The talents to use the things we see, hear, smell, taste and touch in this world all come from God.  He invents and inspires every good thing that we use, arrange, perform, create or do. God is greater.

Offer Thanks For His Giving

We can be grateful for many things, and we should be.  We can be grateful to many people, and we should be.  We can be grateful on many occasions, and we should be.  But there is One who makes every good thing, every good person and every good occasion in our lives possible by His amazing grace.  God sent Jesus to be perfect for us because we aren’t, absorb wrath for sin so we don’t, and secure the blessings for us that we can’t.  Jesus paid our sin penalty and paid for our special privileges so that we might be forgiven, freed and favored. Today and every day, let us offer thanks for His giving.

Grace Points The Way To Be With Jesus

All of God’s gracious actions toward us are designed to lead us toward Him.  He means for us to respond to His gifts not by seeking more gifts, but by seeking Jesus … to know, trust, serve, obey, honor, enjoy, worship and love Him as we follow Him.  Grace enables and encourages us to take steps with Jesus.  When we do, we grow in our relationship with Him as we go with Him wherever He leads to do whatever He says.  God woos us with His kindness along the way because He wants us to be together every step in this life until we are with Him forever in the life to come.  Grace points the way to be with Jesus.

He Gives Grace, We Give Glory

We require it. We request it. We receive it. We rely on it. But let’s be clear about it… Grace isn’t given because we are great, but because God is.  The grace of God testifies to the glory of God.  When it is received and rightly understood, it results in worship for the One who gives it.  It should prompt in us as receivers a celebration of Him and commendation of Him as a generous, powerful, wise, good, rich, holy and loving God.  Those who think they merit what they receive have little praise for God; those who know all they have is a gift have much praise for God. Today, as He gives grace to us, let us give glory to Him.

We Just Have To Look

Contentment increases when your awareness of grace does.   The more you recognize what God has done, is doing and will do for you as a free and undeserved gift, the more you will be grateful for what you have and not grumble over what you do not have. Praising will replace pouting.  Worshipping will replace whining.  Celebrating will replace complaining.  So… To nurture this contentment, we should regularly look back at God’s faithfulness to us in Christ and look forward to God’s promises to us in Christ.  Praise God! We don’t have to look very hard to appreciate all that we are given; we just have to look.

The Most Rewarding Thing We Can Ever Do

The most rewarding thing we can ever do is admit our lostness, helplessness and unworthiness to enter God’s kingdom, and depend completely on His mercy and grace.  When we acknowledge our need for God and turn to Him in faith, we are given access to His kingdom and all of its benefits for us in Christ. The kingdom of heaven has a King … and it’s not you or me.  It’s an infinitely wiser, stronger, kinder King who rules over the lives of His people for their good and unleashes so many blessings on them that it will take an eternity to experience them all.  We get a foretaste for now and a feast forever. All hail King Jesus!

Conviction And Celebration

Christians should know two feelings better than anyone else:  conviction and celebration. We must never lose sight of this:  our sin is great.  We must never lose hope in this:  our Savior is greater.  A right response to our unfolding transformation as we follow Jesus in faith is the ongoing rhythm of repenting of our sin and rejoicing in our salvation.  We were guilty, yet acquitted.  We were undeserving, yet rewarded. We were trapped, yet freed.  May we know the humbling, exalting experience of knowing both our sinfulness and our Savior.  Let us be glad in this: Our sin may have begun our story, but the grace of God will end it.

The Prayer That Works

Many people feel like their prayer isn’t “working” so they barely or rarely pray at all. Prayer, as with all of life, should be about God being honored in us and us being happy in Him. This is why we are to pray for… The hallowing of His Name.  The coming of His kingdom.  The doing of His will.  This results in His glory and our good! Know this… Prayer isn’t about filling up our kingdoms with what we think will make us happy; it is about being filled up by all He offers in His kingdom so we can actually be happy.  You can be sure of this:  the prayer that “works” is the prayer that “wants” all that God has for us in Jesus.

Praising Him And Pleasing Him

A heart that worships God strives by grace to put God at the heart of everything else.  We increasingly, though imperfectly, want Him to become the center of what, when, where, why and how we do what we do. Our adoration of Him overflows into allegiance to Him.  Our gladness in Him leads us to do what will glorify Him.  Our love for Him compels us to live for Him.  Worship changes how we think about our time, money, relationships, priorities and life purpose, and how we carry out the plans of God for us concerning these things.  May God produce in us today both a delight to praise Him and a desire to please Him.