The Day After Christmas

Dec 26, 2021

‘Twas the day after Christmas, and all thru the place
Everyone began going back to their old, normal pace.
The tree and the decorations were all neatly put away,
‘Til this time next year, tucked in the closet they’d stay.

My son was enjoying his new videos and things,
Me with my electronics and mom with her new rings.
Still way too stuffed with all of the food that we ate,
We forgot all about yesterday’s all-important date.

When out on the porch, there arose such a clatter,
I dropped the remote & ran to see what was the matter.
Away to the window, I looked out for a quick view
I peeped around the curtains as I oftentimes do.

The sun was brightly shining; just another new day,
The wonder of Christmas had already slipped away.
When what to my wondering eyes was in store,
But a man with a Bible standing at my front door.

The man was friendly and smiling as Christians will do,
“I wonder if I might have a quick word with you?”
With an outstretched hand, I soon welcomed him in.
He didn’t waste time getting to the point in my den.

With Scripture and great kindness, He pointed it out
The good news of Jesus is what Christmas is about.
And that should never be forgotten after the holiday.
It should not be packed with the boxes to stay.

His reminder seemed to strike a chord in my heart
And I knew in that moment I needed a fresh start.
“God, help me to know Jesus and love Him more dear.”
“God, help me to proclaim Him all through the year.”

Oh, just give me the words to speak with my voice,
Let my own heart daily come alive and rejoice.
For God has given us this gift of His Son to adore,
Eternal life for us and glory to God forevermore.

The man’s eyes twinkled, his work was almost done.
He had reminded me of the beauty and worth of God’s Son.
And then he challenged me, he challenged me still.
So lively and quick, his encouragement was a thrill.

“Now Matthew, now Mark, now Luke and John,
Peter, Andrew, and Paul – disciples every one.
Barnabas and Silas, their testimonies are true.
Well, Jimmy D. Brown, you’re a disciple too!”

He banged on the coffee table, and it gave me a shock.
“To the ends of the earth! To the homes on your block!
Say it and show it, spring – summer – winter and fall.
Tell them about Jesus – Now go ye, go ye, go ye all!”

And with that, he headed out the door onto the stoop,
He whistled and smiled and gave a loud whoop!
He sprang to his car, and he drove down the street,
There were many other homes and people to greet.

Then I heard him exclaim with great holiday cheer,
“Let’s celebrate Jesus EVERY day of the year!”

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