We Are Believers

May 22, 2021

There is something you and I need to understand:  we are believers.  There is no one who is not a believer.  We all believe in something.  Even to disbelieve in one thing is to believe in another.  All of life’s desires, decisions, and deeds flow from one of two basic beliefs:  we believe that we need God, or we believe that we do not need Him.  Want to know what you believe in?  Look at your life.  You will pin your hopes upon your beliefs, devote your time and resources to your beliefs, look for happiness in your beliefs, find your sense of well-being in your beliefs, and stake your life on your beliefs.   You.  Are.  A.  Believer.  The question is:  do you believe in Jesus and the promises of God made to you in, through and because of Him?

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