It’s Okay To Not Be Okay – Part 2

Mar 19, 2021

Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ. – Galatians 6:2

God means for us to share our burdens with others and bear the burdens of others.  Yet, one of life’s biggest struggles for many people is to let others inside.  We’ve been programmed to think we shouldn’t let people see our weaknesses. Or to believe that we are tough enough to take care of ourselves.  Or to expect people to walk away if they get to know the real person inside of us.  We drift from God’s design to the enemy’s desire for how our lives ought to be fashioned.  We find it easier to ask for help carrying groceries into the house than we do in carrying the burdens of our hearts.  We tend to talk about our fantasy football struggles, but not our marital struggles.  We let people know our thoughts about the weather, politics, and workplace matters, but we tuck away our battles with depression, worry, fear, addiction, and overwhelm. Yet God sent Jesus as the ultimate burden-bearer to take on to Himself our sin and struggles.  He lived the life we could not live, died in our place on the cross, and rose from the dead to secure both forgiveness and freedom for every place we are not okay.  To those He called to be in the family of God, He also called to live as the family of God in administering His care to one another until the day comes when He will welcome us into our heavenly home, and there will be no more burdens to bear. Until then, it’s time to repent of thinking, believing, and acting as if you’re alone in the struggle.  It’s also time to repent of leaving others alone in their struggles when God has called you to step in and offer His care. It’s okay to not be okay.  It’s not okay to stay that way.  Especially when God has equipped the church to take care of one another as we depend upon Him to graciously provide what we need in our time of need.  The smartest thing you can do when you find yourself feeling overpowered, overwhelmed or overloaded is to ask for help.  If it’s more than you can handle alone, that’s God’s way of saying He doesn’t want you to handle it alone.

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