It Would All Make Sense If We Knew All He Knows

Mar 1, 2021

For we walk by faith, not by sight.  – 2 Corinthians 5:7

First glances can be deceiving.  Initial observations can be short-sighted.  The opening paragraph doesn’t tell the whole story.  A focal point garnering attention will blur the background.  While it is easy to see the obvious things happening in, around and through our lives, without a careful look through a gospel lens, there is a lot that we can miss.  God is doing a thousand things for us today, and we may not have our spiritual eyes locked in on any of them. That’s why we walk by faith and not by sight: in order to trust that He is at work, even when we don’t know what it is that He is doing.  This brings joy and hope for the difficult times when it seems to us that God isn’t doing much at all.   So, let us… Look back on the day when we first believed.  Look around at the daily mercies poured out on us ever since. Look forward to all that is promised for all who await the return of Jesus.  Remembrance.  Thankfulness.  Confidence.   He has saved us, is saving us and will save us.  For those who are trusting in Jesus, God is always doing much more in us, for us, around us, and through us than we are aware of.  All we see is the show, but He is working behind the scenes.  All we see is the ship, but He is working beneath the surface.  He is precise.  He is punctual.  He is providential.  There is nothing that happens unless it serves His purposes.  We don’t have to make sense out of everything that is going on or that we are going through; but we do need to trust that God is tirelessly at work in ways that would make sense if we knew all that He knows.  And when we can’t see it with our eyes, let us believe it in our hearts.  That’s what faith is for.

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