Are You Disappointed? Jesus Offers Satisfaction.

Jan 21, 2021

Jesus said to them, “I am the bread of life; whoever comes to me shall not hunger, and whoever believes in me shall never thirst.  – John 6:35


Most human beings struggle with seesawing their way through life going back and forth between being pleased and displeased with the things of this world.    At one moment we are far too easily pleased, settling for appetizers instead of the feast that God offers us, and at the next moment never pleased at all because the appetizers only whet our appetites for the feast.   As we settle in and settle for seeking satisfaction in relationships, achievements, possessions and experiences, we find that there is an ongoing craving for something more, something different, something better that always leaves our souls hungry and thirsty.  We find that “If only I had or did or could” looms ever in front of us, out of reach but not out of sight.  The truth is, we will never be satisfied until we know God, and that’s what Jesus makes possible.  He came into the world to be the “bread” that ends our spiritual hungering and longing.   He doesn’t offer to get us that new job, new spouse, new vacation, new baby, new home, new personal best, new recognition, new bill of health, or new thing that we think will make us happy.  He offers to give us Himself so we can actually and finally and ultimately be happy as we experience all that God has for us in Him.  Jesus isn’t a means to an end; He is the end.  He’s the source of enjoyment and nourishment.  He’s the main meal.  He’s the feast that all of the appetizers of this world point us towards.   And you and I will be hungry and thirsty no more when we come to Him in faith and believe He will deliver for us all that He has promised to us, both now and for all eternity. The more we pursue Him, the more precious He will become to us, and the more He will prove to us that He is everything we’ve been looking for all along … and so much more.  We’ll be more satisfied with what we have in life and less dissatisfied with what we don’t have in life when we are fully satisfied with all we have in Jesus.

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