The Reason For The Season And Everything Else

Dec 16, 2020

But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord.  Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.  – 1 Peter 3:15


Every belief, action, fact, event, spoken word, attitude, and outcome has one. There is a reason for all things.  Some are known.  Some are unknown.  But there is a basis, cause, explanation or motive for why things are what they are.  Christmastime and Christianity are based on this one:  Jesus is the reason for the season and the reason for our hope.  Not favorable conditions.  Not an optimistic outlook.  Not our resources or connections.  Simply Jesus.  And it’s not just hope that Jesus has caused for us who revere Him in our hearts as Lord.  He’s the reason we celebrate all of the amazing gifts we’ve already been given and the reason we anticipate that the future promises of God will be fulfilled for us, and we will be given even more.  He’s the source of our unending hope, joy, peace, purpose, courage, victory, security, faith, strength, truth, acceptance, approval, guidance, access, help, rest, forgiveness, blessings, provision, freedom, life, eternal life, everything.   Remember this today:  Jesus didn’t come to earth only to rescue us from sin, condemnation and hell; He also came to invite us into the most complete, most lasting, most satisfying life that begins right now and will extend into the never-ending reaches of eternity.  The greatest testimony we can give for Jesus is to submit our lives to Him because of this hope that we have in Him.  Onlookers in our lives need to see and hear us really living like our hearts are full … because of Jesus … because they really are.  Here’s the question:  Why do you have hope and happiness? Here’s the answer:  Jesus.

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