In Receiving Jesus, We Receive Everything

Dec 5, 2020

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish, but have eternal life. – John 3:16




When was the last time you thought about eternity and what it would be like to perish forever?  When was the last time you rejoiced that you have a completely different eternity awaiting because God gave His Son? When was the last time you contemplated the implications of receiving this gift? Everything bad is turned around and traded in for good when we trust in Jesus! Because in Jesus, through Jesus, by Jesus and from Jesus we are given forgiveness, joy, peace, hope, power, identity, purpose, security, acceptance, courage, transformation, comfort, companionship, help, guidance, endurance and everlasting life.  And every entry on this list has a sub-list of its own with staggering promises and provisions from God to those who are born again into His family. And every entry on every sub-list has its own listing of countless practical, everyday ways that God’s gracious gift shows up for us in this life.  And this life is not even as much as one drop from all the water contained in all the oceans, seas, lakes and rivers of the world in comparison to what we will receive in eternity when we go to be with God.  All this is a gift.  An understated gift, for there is much more that could be said of the benefits and blessings of knowing Jesus.  An undeserved gift, for there is much more that could be said of the depths of our sinfulness apart from Jesus.   In receiving Jesus, we receive everything.  For who could add anything to the gift of God’s Son that would make that gift better? Unwrap its blessings afresh today by believing and by loving the One who gave you this Gift as you think about the preciousness and pricelessness of what He means to you.

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