What Matters Most If What You Forward Ahead

Nov 24, 2020

One of the greatest dangers and deceptions that you will face in your life is that of disobedience by delay.  That is, you will be tempted to wait to do what God has called you to do as an ambassador for Christ.   Wait until a more convenient time, thinking you have plenty of time, but more often than not, you will run out of time.  Missed opportunities are the result of thinking we’ll get another chance though one is not guaranteed, and thinking that another day would be better though God’s timetable cannot be improved upon.   The biggest shift in thinking that you and I need to make is this:  our time is to be invested more than it is to be spent.  Spending time is using it in such a way that it does not benefit God’s kingdom.  Investing time is using it in such a way that it brings eternal dividends in the lives of other people and eternal rewards for ourselves to the eternal praise of Jesus.   We all need to remember that every bit of time we are given can be an investment that has a beautiful and bountiful return which appreciates in value throughout all eternity if we will be intentional about how we use it.  For most of us, God doesn’t mean for us to wait until some future day to serve Him by going out in a million-dollar blaze of glory, but rather He wants us to give ourselves to Him in daily nickels and dimes of service to those around us.  Lay up treasures in heaven with how you use your time today, because it’s not what you leave behind that matters most.  It’s what you forward ahead.

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