The Only Words God Can’t Use

Nov 21, 2020

God sends you to other people to do good works; He also sends you to deliver good news. It’s not enough to model the Christian faith, you must talk about it as well.  More than your political views, weather thoughts, weekend recaps, chit-chat, sports rants and other normal aspects of everyday conversation, people desperately need to hear about Jesus from you. You are an ambassador who speaks on His behalf, shares His message, and sends out His invitation to come find life in Him.   Rather than giving other people pep talks, false hopes and self-improvement strategies for “living their best lives now,” we should point them to the life-giving, life-changing, life-enriching good news of Jesus and all the blessings and benefits He has secured on the cross for those who will trust in Him.   The people we know need to know what we know about Jesus!  When we give practical guidance, it should include a reminder of what Jesus has promised to them and an encouragement to rely on Him.  When we talk of our own lives, we should testify to His faithfulness and goodness towards us.  When we voice our views, we should give the truths of God’s words as the basis for our beliefs.   It’s always about Jesus. So… Tell others about Him.  Encourage others to trust Him.  Help others know Him.  Speak up in faith about your faith and trust God to speak through you as you speak for Him. The only words God can’t use are the ones you don’t say.

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