You Have Been Blessed; Now Go Be A Blessing

Nov 14, 2020

God has not blessed us with time just so we can use it binge-watching Netflix.  He has not blessed us with money just so we can spend it on more comforts.  He has not blessed us with abilities and skills just so we can serve our own interests and passions.  The generosity of God has been extended to us with blessings of time, talent and treasure that we might both enjoy them ourselves and extend them to bless others.

We are to serve God’s kingdom with God’s gifts as long as there is a baby who is hungry, a single mom who is exhausted, a pastor who is about to call it quits, a teen who needs mentoring, a senior citizen who is lonely, a homeless man who needs a coat, a friend with an unpaid utility bill, a co-worker who feels excluded, a person who is unjustly imprisoned, a divorcee who is hurting, a family member who is depressed, a child who needs foster care, a new Christian who needs discipling, a neighbor who can’t mow her lawn, a believer who is suffering, a fellow human being with a need or a lost soul who has never heard of Jesus.  Those of us who are trusting in Jesus have been entrusted with showing the world His heart for them by being His hands and feet to them.  You have been blessed; now go be a blessing.

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