There Is Much I Don’t Know

Nov 7, 2020

There is so much I don’t know.  Every day I am aware of my limitations for figuring things out on my own.  I often don’t know… What to say. What to think. What to do. What to pray. What to desire. What to prioritize. What to decline. What to give. What to believe. Know what I mean? There are countless perplexities in our lives where the best way to proceed is often unknown to us.  But there is good news for people like you and me.  There is so much we do not know, but all we need to know is Jesus.  Why?  Because He knows everything!  Every mystery is already solved by Him.  Every as yet unwritten page is an open book to Him.  Every murky situation is crystal clear to Him.  Every question is easily answered by Him. He knows exactly what we should say, think, do, and feel to wisely navigate through life.  Better still, He makes known those very things to us so we can know what He knows.   The wisest thing we can do today is seek the wisdom of the Lord.  There will never be a situation for which He does not have the answer. Don’t be concerned about what you do not know; be confident in the One Who knows it all.

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