God Took Our Sin Seriously; We Should Too

Oct 29, 2020

Since God took your sin seriously enough to send Jesus to be crushed on the cross in your place, you should take it seriously enough to make war against it instead of making excuses for it.  Start your day confessing your sin to God and confessing your need for God to help you fight against your sin.  Pieces of God’s armor.  Promises of God.   Places of escape.  Preventative steps.  People to hold you accountable.  These are your weapons of war to be put on, put into place and put into action before the battle even begins. Then, when temptation comes, stand firm in your faith, steady on your feet, strong in the Lord and do not give in or give up.  Make war! And if you go down, go down swinging, knowing that there is grace for every lost fight because you are trusting in Jesus and Jesus has dealt a knockout punch to sin, Satan and death for you.  You will rise again to fight again and win in the end.  Because His pardon is given to you and His power is with you and His presence is in you, you can be honest about your sin, and you can be victorious over it.

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