This Life Is Not All There Is

Oct 26, 2020

One of the enemy’s biggest deceptions is convincing us to live as if this life is all there is.  It’s the cause for the fear of missing out, the fear of sacrificial service and the fear of death.  It’s the reason so many strive to build their own kingdoms instead of building the kingdom of God.  It’s the basis for the never-ending search for happiness by looking to the world instead of looking to Jesus to find happiness that is never-ending. The lie that we should live as if this life is all there is to live for is the fountainhead of ten thousand troubles.  And you can find out exactly what you’re living for by honestly answering one simple question:  why do you think, feel, speak, and act as you do?  Is it because of some earthly aim or ambition, or because you’ve got your sights set on eternity?  Everything looks different when you look past the temporary to forever.   This place isn’t our home; we’re heading home.  This life won’t last forever; the next life will.  This treasure trove will fade away; the ones laid up in heaven have an everlasting shine.  The joys and pleasures of today that never satisfy enough and never last enough will give way to fullness of joy and pleasure forevermore when we enter the presence of God.

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