You Do Not Need To Pretend With God

Oct 14, 2020

We all keep secrets.  There is not a human being on the face of the earth who fully discloses every thought, feeling, motive, desire, and attitude to others.  The relationships we are involved in are to some degree built on us holding back some things about us.  Not so in our relationship with God.  We cannot hide ourselves from Him; nor do we have to.  The One who matters the most, knows us most and loves us most.  He also has committed Himself to the long-term transformation of making us more like Jesus.  What comfort, what relief, what joy is ours that with God we do not have to pretend to be something we are not, because God is making us into what we are not yet.  And there is absolutely no risk that He will walk away from those of us who have been gloriously saved into His family because of our faith in Jesus.  For when He looks upon you and me, though He sees everything about us, what He sees most is a beloved son or daughter.

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