Accept No Cheap Substitutes For Jesus

Oct 5, 2020

Every day we are offered cheap substitutes for God and His way of living.  They promise us a great deal on getting a better life apart from Him … you can get comfort in food, peace by running from your problems, security in your bank account, self-worth by achievement, guidance via a self-help manual, rest through a weekend getaway, and happiness in whatever makes you feel good for the moment. Yet none of those things lead to full and lasting satisfaction.  While they certainly satisfy for a moment, they are never enough.  They always leave us wanting something more or something different.  But here’s the good news: God has already richly supplied us with every possible blessing in Jesus to satisfy our souls.  In moments when we feel our hearts craving better lives than the ones we are experiencing, remember that the source of such a life is found in Jesus.  Look to Him for comfort, peace, security, self-worth, guidance, rest and happiness and you will always be satisfied.  He is in you.  He is with you.  He is for you.

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