The Battle Against Doubting God

Sep 23, 2020

There are days when the biggest battle in our lives is not rush hour traffic, temperamental kids, the staff meeting, or a schedule that is already spilling over into tomorrow.  It’s not the big fiasco that we are facing or the thousand little things that are nit-picking us to death.  No, there are days, perhaps a lot of days, where the biggest battle in our lives is against unbelief.  We start to doubt that God cares about what is happening to us and that He is going to do anything about it.  To battle unbelief, we must remember God’s faithfulness in the past and remember God’s promises for the future, all of which are “yes” for us because of Jesus.  Prayerfully doing this will help us regain our confidence that God has a good reason for what He has allowed into our lives, and that He is actively working it out for our good.

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